Calories in Lemon Water with Honey, Salt and Hot Water

calories in lemon water.
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Do you want to know how much calories in lemon water? Does it work for burn fat fast and naturally? Are you confused with Green tea or Lemon water?

So, here I have answers for all of questions. But there could be several reasons to be confused with supplements and natural lemon water, but I can guess, you are looking for natural remedies to stay fit and burn fat.

I have a question for you. Did you try lemon water earlier to lose fat? How did you know about lemon water? How many days did you continue? And the last what was your concluded result and experience? Write in comment section for your feedback.

In addition, Lemon is full with 88% of vitamin C, which is good for skin glow. You want something easy and natural. Similar like juice, Is it true? Natural remedies like Fruit juice, smoothies, salad and lemon water are the best options for you and in that, you want to know about lemon water only. I must say all of them are the most preferred they are the best for balance health and stay fit.

In addition, lemon water can take with many other ingredients like sugar, honey, salt and hot water. Besides all of another ingredient lemon juice and water is first choice.

What are benefits of lemon?

Lemon is one of the most popular and versatile citrus fruit. Its popularity is owed to it’s refreshing flavor and scent making it a popular choice for flavouring many recipes and perfumes. Lemon is also widely used in all sorts of drinks from teas and cocktails to juices. Along with its obvious use as a flavour, lemon since long has also been used for its medicinal value. A rich source of vitamin C, lemon possess immense health benefits ranging from its antibacterial and antiviral properties to its immune boosting abilities.

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Before to set your mind without looking for the right quantity of calories. You must have calculation of daily consumption of calories for example, the U.S. Department of Agriculture guidelines says that women 19 to 30 years old should consume 2,000 calories if they have a sedentary lifestyle or 2,400 calories if they have an active one; for men of the same age the range is 2,400 to 3,000 calories.

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In this post I will cover most of the possibilities of lemon for lose fat, calories in lemon water and other recipes.

In short, I will go with all the recipes and their calories calculations. I am going to fallow the questioner methods for example how many calories in lemon water? calories in lemon water with salt, calories in lemon water with honey, calories in lemon water without sugar, calories in hot lemon water and why are you here, that’s right Calories in lemon water.

Before to calculate, let’s have some of the fact reports of all the ingredients.

Calories in lemon water with honey

Sugar Nutrition summary

Salt Nutrition summary
calories in lemon water

Lemon Nutrition summary

Now I will one by one to calculate the calories in each of the drink.

Calories in Lemon Water Without Sugar

Most of the time you drink lemon water with added sugar but, in this drink, we will not add sugar any more. Making lemon water juice is really very simple for you to have some lemon and a glass of water.


No. Name Quantity Kilocalories
1 Lemon 100 grams 29
2 Water 250 ml 0
    Total 29

 Wow! It seems like very-low-calorie juice. I will recommend it for who wants to lose fat only because low calories let the burn body fat directly with any physical activity. 29 Kcal is really very low.

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Calories in Lemon Water with Honey

this time I will add some Natural Raw Honey with lemon juice before to start let’s have some health benefits of honey.

Honey is not only natural sweetener but also an immunity booster, in addition in 50 gram of honey it has 41.2 grams on Carb, that’s really good energy booster.

No Name Quantity Kilocalories
1 Lemon 100 grams 29
2 Water 250 ml 0
3 Honey 50 gram 152
    Total 181

181 calories in lemon honey juice. If you look benefits of honey then sure will like to add honey in the water. 181 calories are really very less because we need 2300 calories to stay fit for the day then need to take calories sufficiently.

Calories in Lemon Water With Salt

Hot water and lemon water, this is morning routing for flush from your stomach.

Let’s see how much calories in lemon water with salt.

You have come to know about the facts of lemon since the beginning, but salt in left to inspect.

Salt has a high quantity of sodium every 50 gram of salt has 80.7% of sodium ( 14 gram approx.)

Sodium is an essential electrolyte that helps maintain the balance of water in and around your cells. It’s important for proper muscle and nerve function. It also helps maintain stable blood pressure levels.  

Calculate calories from the drink

No. Name Quantity Calories
1 Lemon 100 gams 29
2 Water 250 ml 0
3 Salt 5 gram 0
    Total 29

 Lemon water with salt is as good as lemon water. In the calculation of calories both the time, you will have only 29 Calorie. Sometimes, you have a better option to interchange both of them by each other according to your mood.

Calories in Hot Lemon Water

This is the most top preference of top solution for sure lose fat fast.

Hot water and lemon are the best solutions because hot water can burn fat fast compared to normal water.

  1. Lemon juice with warm water helps in quick weight loss as it promotes digestion and increases the metabolic rate.
  2. Lemon juice is also very effective at cleansing the liver as it promotes the liver to flush out toxins


No. Name Quantity Kilocalories
1 Lemon 100 grams 29
2 Hot Water 250 ml 0
    Total 29

As you can seen lemon water is having similar calories in hot water and lemon juice. Now, it’s you your choice which one would you have.

In conclusion

Lemon juice is also an effective way to reduce weight as it increases the body’s metabolic rate. For people looking to use lemon for its weight loss abilities, drinking lemon juice with warm water on an empty stomach every morning can produce amazing results. Along with the weight loss benefits, drinking warm lemon water every morning also has numerous other benefits. The most effective health benefits of drinking lemon juice with warm water every morning.

Share your experience of use lemon water for any purpose. In addition there are more benefits of lemon juice. Comment below is it healthy option to lose weight or not.

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