Top Real causes for leg fat

Top Real causes for leg fat

Before lo reduce fat from leg lets understand the real causes of leg fat.

Having body fat is very common. according to many research institutions like the American Council on Exercise ( ACE), Healthy man can have 18 to 24% of body fat and women have 25 to 31 %. Normally fat is evenly distributed in your body, but sometimes it becomes a problem because of uneven distribution because of our genes. You can see in some family types of body.

Types of fat you have is that Subcutaneous fat and Intramuscular fat.

Subcutaneous fat: fat under the skin like thighs and under the whole body.

  • Fatty foods: Most of the common fat foods are available any junk food like pizza, red meat and cheesy food etc…
  • Less work life: Stay at home or non-working lifestyle. If you are not using your calories of daily consumption than it will convert into body fat.
  • Stress: There is no specific reason to have stress, but sometimes common problems can become stressful.
  • Extra consumption of calories: You get calories when you eat anything. Whether it is healthy or not. overeating can increase extra calories.  
  • Pregnancy: If you are pregnant and going to have baby soon .then you most take extra nutrient food and supplements. Post pregnancy , all these will turn into fat especially in lower part of body.
  • Genetics: Some time it is carry by your parent to have extra fat. Early  childhood life which is pampered by parents.      

Intramuscular fat: fat dispersed within the muscle itself, much like the marbling seen in meat.

What you eat is going to stay in your body and if not used then it convert into fat.

Thighs fat and leg fat full of subcutaneous fat, this fat is good for your body balance and muscular strengths. The majority of leg is subcutaneous , which poses fewer long-term health concerns.

Whether it is belly or thighs fat come with some of above reason. Do you like this or want to add  some more causes for leg fat. Comment bellow with your opinion.

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