lemon is good for skin | Instant result on face and skin updated in 2019

How lemon is good for face (science based)
How lemon is good for face, skin and health (science based)
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How lemon is good for skin- You like lemon juice, cake and soda too. But you are looking for the remedy of acne and scars too. You will be surprised to know that lemon is good for face too. And Lemon is one of the best fruits for all over the world because all the culture and tradition have used lemon in their culture, food preparation, medicine purpose and also for some culture used is an as superstitious purpose.

 From Lemon juice to pulp and peel can be judiciously utilized for beauty benefits. Along with that, you can use it as a toner or face pack or even as a bleaching agent on the face, lemon juice comes handy.

Lemon good for Your Skin

Lemon is well known for the top source of the Vitamin C. Above all easy availability and affordable to everyone.

This is a systematic study all the use and precautions and effects are in this article. Because lemon juice is a rich source of vitamin C and citric acid, lemon is known for its detoxifying effects, especially when you add a few freshly cut wedges to your drinking water.

Hence the lemon is good for skin, kidney, acidity pregnant and health, And it results in there’s a growing popularity for using lemons as a natural treatment for skin conditions like age spot and acne.

However, using lemons on your face can cause more damage to your skin than good. Here, we weigh the risks and benefits of lemon juice on the skin.

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  after use of lemon juice at your face

What you will see, that you can’t believe. Use of lemon will change your skin quality. Here are some use of lemon.

  • Revitalizes Skin – Due to environmental factors, deficiency of sleep and stress, skin can experience premature ageing and dullness. Lemon Juice contains Vitamin C which acts as an anti-oxidant and provides aid in restoring skin vigor and vitality.
  • Skin Whitening – Vitamin C along with citric acid assists in diminishing blemishes and dark spots. It can even help brighten skin on knees and elbows. This is the top reason to say lemon is good for skin and health.
  • Exfoliation – Dead skin gives a dry and dull appearance. The Citric acid in lemon helps to shed the dead cells off your skin and enhances skin brightness.
  • Anti-ageing Effect – The anti-oxidant action of vitamin C and exfoliation of the citric acid help to maintain skin moisture, softness and prevents wrinkles on the face.

Use Lemon Juice For face and skin

Lemon juice is used in many different ways. Following are the top use of lemon:

#1 Direct Application on face and skin 

– For brightening and softening skin apply the lemon juice on any area of your body. You can also remove blackheads by gently rubbing the lemon juice on the area with your blackheads. By repeating this on a nightly basis and rinsing with cool water in the morning, the blackheads will eventually vanish. Ladies with sensitive skin, please avoid!

# 2 Face Pack over face 

– To moisturize dry skin mix equal quantities of olive oil, honey and lemon to make face pack and apply this to dry regions on the skin. And after that leave this for 10 minutes and then rinse off with warm water. For anti-wrinkle pack mix honey, lemon juice drops and almond oil and apply over your face. Which will make skin soft and brighter.

#3 Toner of dry skin 

– For oily skin, take the juice of a lemon and apply it with cotton over the face and neck area then rinse off with cool water. Lemon is good for skin and face.

#4 Scrubber for dead skin

– On a weekly basis follow the regime; dip a cut lemon into sugar and rub on your face for few minutes. This will gently scrub the skin.

Safely lemon on the face

When applying lemon directly to your face, you’ll want to treat the fruit like you would any new skincare product. Due to its potency and potential side effects, lemon ought to be used as a spot treatment only.

  1. Do a patch test on an area of skin away from your face, such as the inside of your elbow. Wait for one to two days to ensure that no side effects develop before proceeding with using lemon on your face.
  2. Squeeze a small amount of juice from a fresh lemon onto a cotton ball and then gently apply to the desired area of skin using gentle pressure (don’t rub).
  3. Once the lemon juice dries, you can continue with the rest of your skincare routine.
  4. Start with one daily application, potentially working your way up to twice a day.
  5. Discontinue use if you have side effects.

Before using lemon juice on face

You need to understand what does lemon juice do for your skin. Then you can use lemon juice accordingly for your skin type –

  • Oily Skin – Toner or in Face Pack
  • Dry Skin – Only Face Pack
  • Sensitive skin – a Diluted form of Lemon in Face Packs Negative Effects Of Using Lemon Juice On Skin

Though minimal, yet there are side effects of lemon juice on the skin particularly if it is used without dilution and in the sunlight.

Side Effects Of Suing Lemon Juice On Skin.

  1. Lemon juice acne scars are common when you use lemon for pimples. This is because the acidic nature can sting your pimples and also cause it to bleed.
  2. Another side effect of using lemon juice for face is that it can lighten your skin tone due to its astringent properties.
  3. Lemon for skincare is quite common but people with dark skin should avoid using it to treat acne as it can result in dark spots.

To curb the side effects of lemon on the face, always ensure that you dilute it. Do not apply it directly on your face.

precaution for Lemon Juice use

Subsequently listed are some cautions to take before using lemon on skin. These will help reduce the side effects of lemon juice.

  • Prevent direct dabbing of undiluted lemon juice on your face – Always dilute the lemon juice with either plain water, rose water, Aloe Vera gel or honey to decrease its acidity. Then lemon is good for skin and health.
  • It is preferred to use lemon juice on the face in the evening or at night to avert from any reaction due to the sun.
  • Use fresh lemon juice for maximum effect of vitamin C. The magnitude of the effect of the lemon juice decreases if it is left in contact with the atmosphere.
  • Be careful when you try to use over acne and pimples because they get infected over the face. read more


lemon is good for skin” Rejuvenating, exfoliating and lightening skin are only a few of its perks!

Although lemon juice, when used suitably, can revitalize your skin, however, if used incorrectly can induce severe skin reactions leading to allergy or blemish. Wants to know lemon is good for the skin.

No girl wants such worries! For hassle-free skincare; read on to learn about the side effects of lemon juice and how to take caution when using it for skincare along with its’ directions for correct usage.

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