1-week Plan to lose fat without losing muscles.

how to reduce thigh fat, lose fat without muscles
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Do you want lose fat only not muscles? Do you want to target only belly fat? Which are foods to cut for not gaining fat? You do not like workout and exercise because it is really very exhaustive. Your target is only fat not losing muscles because of change in diet and other lazy habits. You are looking for how to lose belly fat without exercise.

 You have tried to lose your full body as well as belly fat. But what is result. You got fail to finish the target, which was difficult from the first day of the beginning. Now you want the best plan which can make lose fat but not losing muscles.

I have one good news for you, that you can start lose belly fat without exercise. And that is only and only in a week.

That true, within one week cannot show better or the best result. But if you come with one week self-challenge, then sure you can continue for long time. Count it by week by week, with the help of regular update of progress result. It will sure boost your motivation to lose belly fat without exercise.  

You can follow this with the help of three side of changes

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1 Food habit change

2 Physical action change

3 Small steps

1 Food Habit Change

1: Reduce fat consumption: Fat gaining is actively growing because of fat full food consumption. You know that what are those food, who are increasing fat. But remember you are her not to gain but lose belly fat without exercise. First of all, do not eat fat full food. Less consumption of fat would help you in lose fat without losing muscles.

2: Chew thoroughly and slow down: chew food sufficiently while having it in meal any time. When you chew food, it extracts most of nutrient and vitamins from food. Which will easily absorb in your blood. Food gives us energy and make mussels. Chew thoroughly will give you more energy and you will not need to have more food. Get the best from each bite. Then sure you can lose belly fat without exercise.

3: Cut out sugar: Sugar is very often consumed by us. If you avoid it then sure it will not support to gain fat. Cut is for sure. You must not search for any of substitute of sugar. There are many good options than direct sugar.

4: Drink water sufficiently: Add more glass of water in your daily routine. Like 5% of your weight. Water must take according to your weight. Water will dehydrate your body in an active day. This will surely help you to lose belly fat without exercise in 1 week.

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2 Physical Action

1: Manual work : Try to do more manual work then asking from other. Why you become fat because you ask other to do your work if you do those tasks by self, then sure you will burn some of calories for your self. Physical and manual activity will come with lose fat without losing muscles. Activity should be there in day to day life.

2: Eat without electronic distraction: It has already proved by many researches that you eat more when you watch Tv, movies and busy in mobile. So be sure not to eat with any of electronic distraction. It is not so simple but I am sure that it easier than exercise in the gym. Lose belly fat without exercise is also known as without electronic puppies.

3 Small Steps

1: Let’s go for Lazy walk: I will never tell you to sit in office and come home, but my recommendation is look for short walk. It can be with your bass, girlfriend, Boyfriend, or any one with whom you can share some walk. This is simple but very useful to become active as well as some social appeal. Do you know why I add this? Because you want to lose fat without losing muscles.

2: Balance it out with supplements: Supplements are really help full for lose fat. You want to lose fat without exercise then must go with some good supplements. Do not worry for side effect because you can go with some of natural supplements. I m sure they are available in the market. Look for it on Amazon or any of other e commerce sites. You will sure lose belly fat without exercise in 1 week.

3: Sleep well and reduce stress: Good quality and a good quantity of spleen is the need of everyone whether you are fat or thin. Sleep gives freshness and restores energy in the body again. Less sleep will lead to tiredness and tiredness will come with incomplete work and incomplete work will come with stress. Stress is also one of the major causes of fat gaining. I want to should not take any type of stress. Look on one target is to lose belly fat without exercise. You will lose Not only belly but also whole-body fat in upcoming months.


Some of very essential steps I have shared with you. And these are some of, there more on the way to lose belly fat without exercise. I believe you will start to follow these simple steps to come in fit shape. You only can change your life and health. I hope you will try and lose fat without losing muscles.

Try it all, and let me know in comment that did it work for you or  not..( All The Best )

“Health is only way to get happiness in every corner of life, Money is only way to make life more comfortable, joy and fun full.”

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